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Consulting Services

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

L H Financial Services Inc. gives seminars on the five phases of financial planning. These classes are designed for companies with employees who want to understand taxes, insurance, investments, retirement?and estate planning. The course has five sessions lasting two hours and can be done on or off site depending on employer’s preference. It’s important to note that most workers do not understand their finances and do not contribute to 401k’s or IRA and have a hard time preparing for retirement or any other major events like buying a home or saving for a college education. This course will get them on the right track and promote employee retention, 401k contributions and give them the tools to maximize their paychecks.


Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


1.Helps 32 million more Americans get insurance. 2. Makes preexisting medical conditions a thing of the past. 3. guarantees basic benefits for everyone in medicare. 4. Sets up a temporary program in July to help people with preexisting conditions obtain coverage. 5. Provides new benefits for most people who already have insurance, such as coverage for adult children until age 26. 6. Leaves medical decisions in the hands of you and your doctor. 7. Requires most people to have coverage by 2014. 8. Creates State run insurance exchanges offering a menu of private insurance plans by 2014. 9. Offers immediate tax credits to help small businesses buy insurance for their employees. 10. Keeps Medicare financially sound for nearly 10 more years and reduces the deficit by an estimated $143 billion.

Why buy life insurance? To financially protect your loved ones in the event of the untimely death of the main breadwinner, which in most cases is you. Insurance was invented to cover a risk. A risk is the possibility or probability of a loss. So insurance companies insure these risk for a fee. You agree to pay the fee and the company agrees that if you have a loss from that insured risk, they will pay you a certain amount to compensate you for the fee you paid.

There are a lot of different kinds of life insurance. Term and whole life are the most common. Their names tell the whole story. Term insurance last for a term of your life ie; 1yr, 5yr,10yr, 20yr or 30yrs. It does not build a nest egg, it’s just to cover your death for that period of time. Each time you complete the term you need to go buy the insurance again. The problem with this is that as you get older insurance gets more expensive.

Whole life is just that. a policy that lasts your whole life. It does build up a nest egg because the company has charged you more than enough to pay for the insurance and saves the rest for you until you need it. You can borrow the extra money before you die if you need it and if you don’t they will add it to your benefit at your death. The premium can never change and you are always covered.

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