I'm Lorenzo Hardy
Independent Financial Adviser for 12
years.Licensed by the National Association of Securities Dealers, the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Adviser on the federal level.

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What’s an Investor to do? With the current economic turmoil in the country a lot of people have stopped investing. But I say this is opportunity time! When you make investment decisions, you always face uncertainty. Will the economy grow at a healthy pace or slow to a crawl? Will stocks surge to new highs or tumble? Will interest rates rise or fall?

No matter what happens, YOUR LIFE GOES ON! There is still children’s education to finance, a mortgage to pay and a retirement nest egg to accumulate. First remember that shifts in economic growth and fluctuations in the financial markets are normal parts of the U.S. business cycle. They’ve happened before and they will happen again.

Successful investors develop a well-reasoned, long-range plan and stick to it. While an affordable investment plan won’t make you rich overnight, it can help you reach your investment goals over time.

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